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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Tungsten Bead CDC Trout Jigs, Jig Fly, Jig Flies, Bead Head Nymphs

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Tungsten Bead CDC Trout Jigs, Jig Fly, Jig Flies, Bead Head Nymphs

This listing is for Capt. Ken's version of the Bead Head Trout Jig. This particular pattern is a spinoff from the very popular Duracell Trout Jig. Like the Duracell this fly excels in our big modern day tailwaters and in heavily fished rivers.

 This particular fly is a combination of the best qualities of several trout flies. It's roots are Nymph but with the elements of a wet fly.  The silhouette can be taken for a Mayfly, Caddisfly or even a small baitfish fry.  The qualities of the Cul De Canard collar and the vertical under water profile of the jig take this pattern to the next level. These flies get down to the Trout's depth quickly and are perfect for the anchor fly in multi fly rigs. Trout can't resist these!

These are custom tied on barbless #16 and #18, top quality jig hooks with a tungsten bead.

I have these tied in several color options - Blue Wing Olive, Rusty Brown, Deep Purple. 

Sold Individually, in 3 packs and Six Packs

About Baxter House Outfitters and Capt. Kens Custom Flies.

Baxter House outfitters in Roscoe NY is in it's 3 decade. We are well known for our hard working guide staff and our custom fly patterns. Many of the flies we sell are custom Guide Flies designed by Capt. Ken Tutalo and other guides on our staff.  The flies that we put in our bins are of the highest quality. Capt. Ken works closely with the fly tyers that provide our stock. You will find our flies to be well above the cheap commercial imports that many sell online. All of our flies are backed by our no questions asked money back guarantee.

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