Trout Hunter CDC- Cul De Canard -

Trout Hunter

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Trout Hunter CDC- Cul De Canard - Bulk Bag

This is the Bulk Bag of Trout Hunter CDC - These are 4" X 6" bags that are stuffed full.

This Trout Hunter CDC is simply the best quality out there. You get fully formed large feathers and very little waste. This is the CDC we use at Baxter House to produce our insect specific Dry Fly and Emerger Patterns.

TroutHunter CDC is long, soft, buoyant, durable and easy to work with. It is loaded with preen oil for maximum natural flotation and is the highest quality obtainable. The word "Natural" in the description denotes colors that are neither dyed nor bleached. A small bag has approximately 100 usable feathers. A bulk bag contains over 700 feathers.

Sold in 4 Natural Colors and 18 Dyed Colors

We stock the most useful colors

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