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Trigger Nymph SELECTION - Tungsten Bead Head Tail Water Flash Back Pheasant Tail Nymph

ITEM DESCRIPTION-Tungsten Bead Head Trigger Nymphs  - This is a custom Pattern that was developed by Capt. Ken Tutalo and members of my guide staff. This pattern evolved over many years of guiding on the tail waters of New York's Upper Delaware River. This is the final pattern that I settled on and have been using for the last decade. Quite simply this fly gets it done. In heavily fished waters this fly will get takes when the traditional stuff gets ignored. Although this fly was developed on the Upper Delaware River I have used it everywhere Trout swim with total success.  These patterns are perfect for the large western tailwaters, East Tennessee, Arkansas and anywhere that fish feed on tiny insects.  I have these tied with tungsten beads for times when getting down quick is the difference in getting strikes. 

Offered in sizes #16 to #20 - IN purple, pearl and red

Offered for your convenience in packs of three, Half Dozen and full Dozen (choose from drop down bar)


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