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Schminnow #4. Schminnow Fly, Baitfish Fly

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Schminnow #4. Schminnow Fly, Baitfish Fly

Schminnow Fly #4, Schminnow, Schminnow Fishing Fly, Snook Fly

This Schminnow Fly #4 is perfect for all types of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Originated by Norm Ziegler for fishing Snook on the Florida Gulf Beaches. 

This fly is far more than what it was designed for. It will attract all types of fish species. Our guides use this on the Florida flats and in RIvers for Trout and Smallmouth Bass. It is also perfect for Panfish and other species. This fly is also super effective for DOCK LIGHT fishing.

Sold individually, 3 packs and 4 fly selections. We stock this fly in four colors - White, Pink, Olive and Blue-  #4