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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Salt Water Clouser, High Profile Clouser Minnow, Half and Half Streamer Fly,

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Salt Water Clouser, High Profile Clouser Minnow, Half and Half Streamer Fly


This listing is forCapt. Ken Tutalo's  High Profile Clouser - and Half Baitfish tied by Capt. Ken Tutalo.  


Striped Bass, Bluefish, Snook, Redfish, Spotted Trout, Flounder and most all inshore and flats predators

WHAT IS A HIGH PROFILE CLOUSER? This pattern is a solution that I came up with years ago to solve a certain fishing situation where normal Clousers fall short.  That is when fish are actively feeding on baitfish that clearly have broader, more high profile bodies. Where I guide in Tampa Bay Snook, Redfish and Trout move into the mangrove cuts and passes during tide movement for the easy meal when bait is washing through. Because of the strong water movement in these cuts, they are normally much deeper than the surrounding areas. This custom pattern is the exact weight to fish the cuts that are from 4 to 6 feet deep on floating line. This fly excels when left to drift and enhanced with short sharp strips that cause the fly to keel. It is offered in 4 color combinations that will cover most of the fishing you will find that is similar to what I described. These flies are perfect for the #8 weight rod but I regularly have my clients throwing them on #6 rods when we are targeting Trout or finding the snook or reds running on the smaller side.

The Half and Half version of this pattern adds an additional element of movement to the fly. This is achieved through both the illusion of movement created by barring and the use of softer saddle hackles. This is the version to use in deeper water during periods of slower tide movement. Another proven pattern!

These flies are produced with the finest materials and are guaranteed to be bomb proof. They are proven with my clients and will stand up to lots of fishing. These particular flies are tied on #1/0 Salt Water hooks. 

Capt. Ken's High Profile Baitfish are offered in the following color combinations.

Olive / White, Blue / White, Chartreuse / White and Yellow / White.

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