Salt Water Bottom Crawler, Bottom Crawler Streamer Fly

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Salt Water Bottom Crawler, Bottom Crawler Streamer Fly


This is a deep diving Streamer Fly designed to be fished slowly right along the bottom. We have these super effective flies tied up in 4 distinct color combinations. These flies imitate nothing specifically but look a lot like many creatures found near the bottom. This fly can easily look similar to small baitfish, shrimp or crabs. These are one of my go to Patterns for Winter Redfish and Spotted Trout

These flies have also proven themselves in the Upper Delaware River System for both Trout and Smallmouth bass.

These flies are 4" total length.

Currently we have the following color combinations in stock.

Gray / White / Grizzly, Brown / White / Orange Grizzly, Olive / White / Olive Grizzly, Olive / White / Brown Grizzly

Sold individually or in our 4 fly selection

BHO offers a great selection of Custom Fishing Flies designed by Professional Fly Fishing Guides. Our fly selection is carefully chosen simply by the flies effectiveness at catching fish. You will find some innovative local patterns along with tried and proven standard patterns. Guides affiliated with BHO are top professionals who chase game fish in both fresh and salt water. Our selection is a reflection of their many years of putting clients on various species of game fish..

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