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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Salt Water Baitfish, E P Baitfish, E P Style Baitfish

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Salt Water Baitfish, E P Baitfish, E P Style Baitfish

This style baitfish is the standard for Salt Water. I have these tied with synthetic wing material which has a unique quality of holding onto water and giving the fly a steady but slow sink rate. This particular material will appear translucent when wet.

These are silhouette type flies that keel and roll when stripped erratically. This style fly is exceptional for creating the illusion of vulnerability, (wounded bait) which is what triggers the predatory response in gamefish.

These will effectively fish from just below the surface to about  6' deep on a floating line. These are my go to flies for guiding the Florida Flats. A real killer for Snook. They are perfect for all predator fish in both salt and fresh water

 These are tied on 2/0 Salt Water hooks with a total fly length around 4"

Offered in 5 color combinations and several Custom Selections

Chartreuse / White, Olive / White, Yellow / White, Blue / White, Olive / Yellow barred.

PLEASE NOTE For Selections you will need to choose either 1 each color or 3 each color