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Redfish Crack #2, Redfish Crack Fishing Flies, Ken's Redfish Crack

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Redfish Crack #2,  Redfish Crack Fishing Flies, Ken's Redfish Crack


This listing is for Ken's Redfish Crack Flies.  This is a standard Redfish pattern that is widely produced and fished everywhere Redfish are found, These are Capt. Ken Tutalo's version of the pattern and Capt. Ken tied them. I tie a lot of different pattern variations and like this particular blend of materials for fishing difficult reds in clear water conditions. The combination of natural and synthetic materials create a near translucent fly that sells the illusion of vulnerability. This fly is a killer when fished with short sharp strips of the fly line followed by pauses of varied duration. All of my Salt Water patterns have been tested on the flats and back country of Tampa Bay.

Sold individually and in a pack of 3 of the same color

These are produced with the finest materials and are guaranteed to stand up to lots of fishing. These particular flies are tied on #2 Mustad hooks and constructed with materials sourced from Hareline and Wapsi.  These have Just the right amount of weight to land softly but effectively fish flat depths from a few inches to 4 feet in depth. These flies have a mono V weed guard for fishing in weeds, grass or around mangroves.

Capt. Ken's Crack Flies are offered in the following color combinations

Tan with Red and Pink Highlights, Olive with Copper and UV Highlights, Rusty Brown with UV and Peacock Highlights

BHO offers a great selection of Custom Fishing Flies designed by Professional Fly Fishing Guides. Our fly selection is carefully chosen simply by the flies effectiveness at catching fish. You will find some innovative local patterns along with tried and proven standard patterns. Guides affiliated with BHO are top professionals who chase game fish in both fresh and salt water. Our selection is a reflection of their many years of putting clients on various species of game fish.