Mystic M Series Switch Fly Rod


Regular price $ 479.00
Mystic M Series Switch Fly Rod

M-SERIES SWITCH | If diversification is what you are looking for then it is a must for you to check out what a switch rod can offer you. If you want to indicator fish with a long rod, swing wet flies or big articulating steelhead and salmon flies you can surely get it done with a M-Switch Rod by Mystic.  Our Switch rods are designed to load deep into the mid-section, but provide plenty of reserve power in the butt of the rod for fighting big fish.  We have spent countless hours in the field testing these rods to ensure that tip vibration is controlled to a minimum to better guarantee maximum casting distance.  Hand crafted using a proprietary carbon fiber along with reinforcement patches to reduce split ferrules.  Two handed rods require a robust core due to the intense nature of the casting stroke.  Confidence that your rod can withstand these dispositions will make for a much more successful adventure.  The componentry of the M Switch rod is first class from top to bottom. Featuring titanium quad leg stripping guides, super grade custom handles, light wire stainless snake guides, alignment dots, and the kind of craftsmanship Mystic is known for, we famously dare you to compare these rods with whatever you’re currently using.

M 3113-4 4 PIECE 3 11′-3″ MEDIUM/FAST $479.00
M 4113-4 4 PIECE 4 11′-3″ MEDIUM/FAST $479.00
M 5113-4 4 PIECE  5 11′ 3″ MEDIUM-FAST $479.00
M 7113-4 4 PIECE  7 11′ 3″ MEDIUM-FAST $479.00
M 8113-4 4 PIECE 8 11′ 3″ MEDIUM-FAST $479.00



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