Mystic Fly Rods Tremor Series Saltwater Fly Rods


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Mystic Fly Rods Tremor Series Saltwater Fly Rods

TREMOR SALT WATER SERIES | The Tremor series of rod by Mystic is your key to tropical bliss. Built to tackle the trade winds that are often present along the coast and on the flats, Tremor rods feature a powerful mid-tip action that is comfortable to cast. Its faster action allows the rod to load and react quicker with less casting effort to intercept a moving fish and holds power in reserve to deliver heavier flies into the often present wind, all while maintaining tighter loops and accuracy. Hand crafted using a blank engineered with a proprietary carbon fiber blend; Tremor rods are simply lighter and stronger than any comparable rod on the market. By using a special multi-modulus blank layup and compound taper, we were able to add more carbon fiber material to the high stress points of the rod because the only thing worse than breaking your favorite rod, is breaking your favorite rod and losing a trophy class fish in the process. Every component on this series is designed with saltwater in mind, from the three solid titanium, corrosion-proof, oversized stripping guides, to the custom built reel seat with integrated hook keeper.   

T 793-4 4 PIECE  7 9′ 3″ FAST $479.00
T 893-4 4 PIECE  8 9′ 3″ FAST $479.00
T 993-4 4 PIECE 9 9′ 3″ FAST $489.00
T 1093-4  4 PIECE 10 9′ 3″ FAST $499.00

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