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Mercers Missing Link, Missing Link Dry Fly, 3 Pack of Missing Link Dry Flies

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Single Fly

Mercers Missing Link, Missing Link Dry Fly,  Missing Link Dry Flies


 Sold individually or in 3 pack of same color and size.

Mercer Missing Link Dry Flies - These are a great Dry Fly that looks like everything on the water. Excellent for fishing the water or during a hatch. This fly floats well and is easy to see. It really signals vulnerability to the Trout and it always gets confident takes from fussy fish.

We currently have  Tan and Olive in stock, offered in 2 sizes - #10 and #14

All of Baxter House fly patterns are top quality ties. You can expect our flies to be professionally tied and above the standards of the cheap imports that are being sold online everywhere. Many of our patterns are of our own design. Developed either by Ken Tutalo or the guides that guide at Baxter House. Most all of our Species Specific fly patterns are tied locally through our network of professional Fly Tyers. Some of our BH Nymphs and standard patterns are imported through our vendors.