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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Capt. Ken's Flats Shrimp Fly, Shrimp Fly, Redfish Fly, Permit Fly, Bonefish Fly

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Capt. Ken's Marabou Flats Shrimp, Shrimp Fly, Redfish Fly, Permit Fly, Bonefish Fly

Ken's Marabou Flats Shrimp -  This pattern is simply a fish catcher. The Marabou tails  come alive when this fly hits the water.  The bodies are a mix of both natural and synthetic materials that give the perfect translucent look that mimics live shrimp. This fly is a redfish killer but almost every inshore / flats species will take it confidently! I guide on the flats and this is simply a go to Guide Fly. I fish super snotty Redfish on Tampa Bay and these patterns get steady eats. This pattern is perfect for other fussy fish like Bonefish, Permit and Sheepshead. Over the years my Clients have caught just abot every Florida inshore species on this fly!

IF You Chase SHEEPSHEAD on the fly. The #6 Smaller Version is a sure thing with Sheep. This size is exactly in the comfort range of the things they eat most.

These premium quality Salt Water flies are tied by Capt. Ken Tutalo. They will stand up to heavy casting and many fish.

These flies are tied on super sharp Salt Water Hooks and the finest materials

Offered in 4 colors - Black, Olive, Tan, Pink.

Offered in size 2 Sizes #2 and #6 Flies total length - #2 is 2.5", #6 is 1.75"