Ice Caddis Pupa Selection - 30 flies


Regular price $ 49.00

This is a Baxter House Exclusive Custom Pattern - Our guests know that this pattern is always part of our guides nymph rigs. Every year this one fly out fishes every other nymph pattern that we tie on the line.

This pattern is so popular that we always have problems keeping it in stock.

This Ice Caddis Selection contains 30 flies that are packaged in a small plastic 10 compartment box.

You will get the following 3 - Tungsten Ice Pupa, 3 Ice Cased Caddis, 6 Light Olive / Olive Brown (2 sizes), 6 Caddis Green (2 Sizes), 6 Grey / Peacock (2 sizes), 6 Cream / Brown (2 sizes)

This selection will allow you to set up the rigs our guides use. We normally run the Heavy Tungsten Pupa with 2 additional flies in line behind it. This rig is an absolute killer on the Wild Rainbows of the Upper Delaware.

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