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Baxter House Outfitters

Green Drake Emerger, Eastern Green Drake Emerger

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Green Drake Emerger, Eastern Green Drake Emerger

This is a listing for the Baxter House Green Drake Emerger. This is a Baxter House Outfitters custom pattern that was developed by B H owner, Ken Tutalo. This is a big  "GUIDE FLY" that works equally well during both our Green Drake and Brown Drake hatches. This fly floats like a cork but sits stuck in the waters surface film. This trapped / vulnerable appearance really makes it stand out during heavy insect hatches.

This fly is also a perfect choice for blind fishing riffles and pocket water during and after green drake activity.

Offered in one size (big) #8 

Please note- this fly is in limited supply due to the Snowshoe Hare Wing. Snowshoe is always hard to find and these flies eat up the larger fibers quickly.

BHO offers a great selection of Custom Fishing Flies designed by Professional Fly Fishing Guides. Our fly selection is carefully chosen simply by the flies effectiveness at catching fish. You will find some innovative local patterns along with tried and proven standard patterns. Guides affiliated with BHO are top professionals who chase game fish in both fresh and salt water. Our selection is a reflection of their many years of putting clients on various species of game fish.