Genetic Dry Fly Cape - Dun Based Ginger #3- 0715501

Beaverkill Valley Hackle

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Beaverkill Valley Hackle Product - Dun Based Light Ginger -  Genetic Dry Fly Cape #3- 0715501

This is a real nice Dun Based Ginger dry fly cape. This cape has nice sheen and many of the larger feathers display the Badger pattern. This ginger cape was grown on a bird that was dun colored so the highlights and the core of the badger feathers are more dun colored rather than black.

This is a Genetic bred cape. Genetic bred capes will have a larger range of feather sizes. Our genetic capes will have dry fly feathers from #6 down to #18. The sweet spot however is in the #10 to #16 range. A great value for tyers who tie many different size dry flies.

 This cape is a real Value! An excellent Dry Fly Cape!

 This cape also contains a lot of the larger feathers that are suitable for traditional streamer flies, and Buggers.

Genetic Capes

Our capes offer the fly tyer excellent quality dry fly hackle. We breed and grow our birds in the Catskill mountains of New York state and our backyard is the famous trout waters of the Upper Delaware river system. Our local insects are big and we breed our roosters to produce big capes that have multiple uses. Our capes will normally hackle dry flies from size #6 down to size #18.

 You will find enough feathers to tie the tiny stuff but the sweet spot on our capes are chock full of feathers in the #10 to #16 range. Additionally each cape will yield hundreds of feathers suitable for tying traditional streamers and buggers.

Currently we are proud to offer capes in the following natural colors and patterns. Light, Medium and Dark Dun, Rusty Dun, Honey Dun, Silver Dun, Badger, Golden Badger,  Furnace, White, Black, Ginger, Light Ginger, Cream, Splash, Ginger Dun Variant, Grizzly, Dun Grizzly, White Grizzly, Cree, Grizzly Variant and Barred Ginger.

Cape Grading

Grade #1 - These capes are our best!. These are for the tyer who wants to work with the best possible tying materials. These capes are very large with high feather counts. The individual feathers will have very stiff barbules and have a beautiful sheen. These capes will have the largest range of feather sizes.

Grade #2 - These capes are just a cut below our very high standard of the #1. Typically these capes will be very similar to the top grade but they run a bit smaller in overall size and not as high in feather count.

Grade #3 - A great value for the tyer who cranks out fishing flies. These capes are from the same genetic stock as our top grade skins but they have some slight imperfections. Most often these capes have lower feather counts, a few feathers missing or some broken feather tips. 

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