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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Game Changer Fly, Chocklett's Game Changer, Game Changer 4"

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Game Changer Fly, Chocklett's Game Changer, Game Changer 4"

These are a proven "big fish fly" - Offered in 3 color patterns -

These are 4" long which is about erfect for Gamefish in both fresh and salt water.

I have these tied with large 3/0 hooks because these flies are notorius for misses / low hookup ratio. The bigger hook closes the deal.

Offered individually and in 3 packs

About Capt. Ken's Custom Flies and Baxter House Outfitters

Fishing Flies designed by Professional Guides for Fresh and Salt Water!

Our fly selection is carefully chosen simply by the fly’s effectiveness at catching fish. In our shop you will find some innovative local patterns along with tried and proven standard patterns that we’ve put our spin on.

Guides affiliated with BHO are top professionals who chase game fish in both fresh and salt water. We are in our third decade servicing fly fishermen and our fly selection reflects our staffs many years of consistently putting clients on various species of game fish.

All our fly patterns are proven on the waters of the Upper Delaware River and Tampa Bay