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Beaverkill Valley Hackle

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This is a Beaverkill Valley Hackle Product - This is a Genetic Bred Dry Fly Saddle - This is a #1 Grade Saddle - This particular Cape is Large and full, with a good feather count.  This is a Medium Shade DUN . The feathers on this saddle will gauge out in the larger sizes. Most of the feathers will be #10 to #14 with a few larger and a few smaller. This Saddle also has a good amount of quality Schlappen Feathers.  This is a Great Saddle for the Upper Delaware's larger Mayflies!

 ITEM #02156024 -  This Saddle is a great choice for a versatile fly tyer. This Saddle has great quality dry fly feathers. This saddle will also yield hundreds of feathers to tie Flat Wings, Streamers and Buggers

Genetic Saddle Hackles 

Our Genetic Saddles are an excellent value! They are full cut. You will usually find some nice tailing material at the tops and some wider webby feathers at the bottom. Our saddles have feathers that range from #8 to #18 but on most the sweet spot is with feathers from # 10 through #14. 

Our Saddle Feathers are excellent for tying dry flies. They produce an opaque effect when wrapped onto the hook which is excellent for imitating crippled and emerging insects. These saddles are also a great choice for flat wing streamers, buggers and more... 

Saddle Grading

Grade #1 - These saddles are our best!. These are for the tyer who wants to work with the best possible tying materials. These saddles are very full with high feather counts. The individual feathers will be long and uniform in size. These will have the largest range of feather sizes. 

Grade #2 - These Saddles are just a cut below our very high standard of the #1. Typically these saddles will be very similar to the top grade but they run a bit smaller in overall size and not as high in feather count.  

Grade #3 - A great value for the tyer who cranks out fishing flies. These saddles are from the same genetic stock as our top grades but they have some slight imperfections. Most often these saddles have lower feather counts, a few feathers missing or some broken feather tips

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