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Dahlberg Diver Rabbit Strip Fly

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These are Rabbit Strip Dahlberg Divers. These are size # 2/0 -  These Flies are perfect for all Fish that feed up near the surface. These are a Dahlberg Variation that creates maximum wiggle. These are surface type flies that dive erratically when stripped through the water. These flies really sell the illusion of vulnerability.

 These are tied on Super Sharp Salt Water hook and feature Spun Deer Hair Heads which give these unique flies a bouyancy that always returns them to near the surface. These have a full length Mono weed guard which is easily removed if not needed.

I use these flies all the time and have caught a variety of both Salt and Freshwater fish. These are excellent for Tarpon, Snook and most other flats and back country game fish. These are also a killer on both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Pike and Muskie

Take a good look at the photos. These are high quality flies