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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Tarpon Slider, Tarpon Fly, Tarpon Toad, Tarpon Roach

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Tarpon Fly, Tarpon Flies, Tarpon Roach,

This is the Great pattern Variation spun off of the Standard Tarpon Fly that has taken thousands of tarpon from locations world wide

This variation uses softer materials to give the fly and undulatiing  / breathing motion when fished with slow sharp strips. Tied with softer Synthetic Tailing material and Synthetic Brushes for maximum movement. Tied on #2/0 Salt Water Hooks. Flies are 5" in total Length

I have these tied up in 4 different colors / combinations

includes the following proven combinations -  Black / Purple, Red / White, Chartreuse / White, Tan on Tan 

Sold individually, 3 packs and selections