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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

One Eye Gurgler Fly, Garthside Gurgler, Gurgler Fly

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One Eye Gurgler Fly, Garthside Gurgler, Gurgler Fly

The gurgler is a provent Top water fly that works on a variety of Fresh and Salt Water species.

 These particular flies are tied in the style of Small Baitfish. The one eye version imitates a struggling baitfish that is laying on it's side. If you've see it on the water then you understand just how vulnerable fish in distress are. This one fips the switch for the predatory response in Game Fish!

Killer for fresh and salt water. I personally use these guiding in rivers for Bass and when poling the flats and back country for inshore species. 

These are tied on #2 Salt Water Hooks. The flies are 4" total length.

Very light and easy to cast. I regularly have my clients fishing these on #5 and #6 weight rods.

Sold in 3 colors - Black / Purple, White, Chartreuse