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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Sulfur Life Cycle Fly Selection, Sulfur Dry Fly, Sulfur Nymph, Sulfur Emerger 16 Flies

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Sulfur Life Cycle Fly Selection, Sulfur Dry Fly, Sulfur Nymph, Sulfur Emerger

This is a 16 Fly custom selection of Sulfur flies. This is a selection of custom and time proven flies put together by Capt. Ken Tutalo. Capt. Ken has been fly fishing the water of the Upper Delaware River for Trout for over 45 years and is in his third decade of being a full time fly fishing guide who offers trips in both fresh and salt water. Over that time Ken has designed and tinkered with hundreds of fly patterns, many of which have appeared in books and other publications. This selection contains the flies that Capt. Ken and his staff at Baxter House Outfitters use on the water every day

The Upper Delaware River is a known destination for Match the Hatch Dry Fly Fishing. The Delaware River is a river where Mayflies rule the day so good patterns are a necessity. Here is the opportunity to get all of the  flies for each particular Mayfly Hatch at one time. All of the flies included in my selections are proven to fool large mature trout in one of the most difficult river systems anywhere. These are SPECIES SPECIFIC patterns that will perform anywhere that the listed species is found in abundance.

These are tried and true patterns that have taken thousands of Big Trout for Capt. Kens Clients!

This selection includes the following custom and traditional flies

 Selection includes all flies in photos - Dry Flies, Cripples, Emergers and Nymphs

Fly Selection contains flies in sizes #14 through #18 which will cover Ephemerella Invaria, Dorothea and Sulfurs in the Epeorus and Steno families.