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Kwan Fly, Kwan Flies, Redfish Kwan, Bonefish Kwan

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 Kwan Fly, Kwan Flies, Redfish Kwan, Bonefish Kwan

This is Captain Ken's Version of the Kwan Fly in Size #2

The Kwan is designed to imitate the small baitfish and crustaceans found in the Salt Water Flats environment.  It will flutter like a fleeing crustacean or minnow when retrieved quickly but will also dive to the bottom just like a crab when the retrieve is paused.

Perfect for all species that roam the flats. Originally designed for Bonefish but also proven for Redfish, Snook and more

These are #2 Flies

Sold individually, 3 Packs, 4 Packs and 8 Fly Selections

We produce these in the following color patterns- Purple / Black,  Tan / Orange,  Olive / Tan,  Tan / Brown