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Black Ghost Zonker Style Streamer by Ralph Graves, Ralph Graves Collector Fly, Streamer Fly

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Black Ghost Zonker Style Streamer by Ralph Graves, Ralph Graves Collector Fly, Streamer Fly - with special wing

This is a Vintage Collector Fly tied by known Catskill Fly Tyer Ralph Graves.  I have a very large collection of Ralph's flies. He was a close personal friend and he was constantly giving me flies over a several decade period. My collection includes Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Streamer Flies , Salmon Flies and some of his original creations. The reality is that I have had these flies sitting in boxes for years. Recently I have been fishing some but many are just too nice to fish. They belong in frames or displayed in some other fashion. I have picked out the ones that I plan to keep and will be listing the remainder of my collection for sale. Included in the listing will be flies packaged on Ralph's business cards. Some have signatures, some don't. Those who met Ralph or saw him tie, in his shop, in my shop or at shows know that wet flies on cards were what most people had the opportunity to purchase.  I will also be listing a large amount of Dry Flies which were never available in any quantity. All of the flies in my listings were given to me directly by Ralph. For a lot of years Ralph spent his afternoons in my fly shop. He would always tie a fly or two and he always left them for me. Many of these flies are from that period.. 


Black Ghost Zonker Style Streamer #2, with special wing - I was with Ralph when he made 3 of these super heavy streamers. He said these three flies were the heaviest flies he ever tied. Ralph and I used to fish our friends spring fed pond in Roscoe. It was easy for Ralph to drive his truck right to the pond. The easiest place for Ralph to fish was the deepest place in the pond. These flies were his secret weapon. 

Turns out he was not able to cast these at all. After 3 cast I got all three of them and he was on to the next idea.