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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

Articulated Baitfish Mini's, Mini Articulated Minnow, Streamer Fly

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Mini Articulated Baitfish, Mini Articulated Minnow, Streamer Fly

 ITEM DESCRIPTION-These particular patterns have a larger profile top to bottom than our other mini articulated patterns. The larger profile causes these patterns to keel and flash more erratically than other patterns

This fly was developed by Capt. Ken Tutalo and it has been fished extensively by the Baxter House Guide Staff.  These patterns have taken lots of Big Wild Brown Trout from many river systems. This pattern also excels on the Smallmouth Bass Water. Smallies can't get enough of these flashy small streamers.  

This is the fly you go to during non hatch periods when the water is low and crystal clear. It excels in Summertime and early Fall. This fly also excels at all times in crystal clear tailwaters and spring creeks.

We offer the pattern in the 3 most useful colors - Olive Green / White, Olive / Yellow, Olive.

These mini articulated flies have a total length of 3". A lot of movement in a compact package!

Sold individually, 3 Packs and in our 6 fly selection.