7" Sculpin Head Upper Delaware Chew Toy - BLACK


Regular price $ 4.99

These are the Baxter House Version of a Chew Toy Streamer- These are 7" long String Flies that are the ultimate in movement when fished in short, sharp strips. These drive most game fish crazy. Our guides use these flies in both our Trout and Smallmouth Bass guide trips.

This Is the Sculpin Head Chew Toy which is 1" larger than our regular chew toys. The spun deer hair head gets a different action. First off it lands much softer on the water which may be preferred in clearer water situations. The buoyant Deer hair also moves the fly to a slower sink rate and a more neutral position while in motion. 

Sold for $4.99 each.

All of Baxter House fly patterns are top quality ties. You can expect our flies to be professionally tied and above the standards of the cheap imports that are being sold online everywhere. Many of our patterns are of our own design. Developed either by Ken Tutalo or the guides that work here. The majority of our Species Specific fly patterns are tied locally through our network of professional Fly Tyers.

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