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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

3 Indestructible Clouser Minnow, Clouser Minnow. Salt Water Clouser Minnow

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Ken's Indestructible Salt Water Clouser Minnow, Clouser Minnow. Salt Water Clouser Minnow

Ken's Indestructible Salt Water Clouser Minnow Selection , Salt Water Fly Selection, Clouser Minnow. Salt Water Clouser Minnow

This is a true GUIDE FLY!

Why is this a guide fly? Straight up,  guide flies solve issues on the water and this fly is the result of a lot of experimentation.

Anyone who fishes Salt Water, inshore or on the flats knows just how effective Clouser Minnows are. Some would say that a Chartreusse and White Clouser is the only fly you need.

Anyone who fishes the flats also knows that traditional clousers are super fragile. Most are made with deer hair or other natural hairs which are no match for toothy predator's. Bluefish, Cuda's, Mackerel, Jack Crevale, etc. make these one fish flies.

THESE FLIES are the solution to toothy predators.

 I have tried about every synthetic material on the market and have found the most effective and durable synthetic material for these flies. These are tied on 4X long hooks which does not effect the fishability but insures that toothy critters bite metal, not line. In addition to the sturdy materials each step of the fly is meticulously managed and super glued to result in a bomb proof pattern. These flies that will stand up to countless fish!

Over the years I have taken many species on this pattern including - Bluefish, Striped Bass, Jack Crevale, Cuda, Spotted Trout, Mackerel, Flounder, Snapper, Snook, Redfish, Ladyfish, and many more...

Tied in Chartreuse and White, Olive and White and Blue and White and Brown and White. These colors are all you need on the flats..

All are tied on #2 4XL Hooks. This is the only size I fish on the flats and inshore. These are sold with Size Medium Lead Eyes. 

The total length of the fly is 4" but the size of the fly portion is 3.5" There is 1/2" of bare shank plus the head for a bite zone.

About Capt. Ken's Custom Flies and Baxter House Outfitters

BHO offers a great selection of Custom Fishing Flies designed by Professional Fly Fishing Guides. Our fly selection is carefully chosen simply by the flies effectiveness at catching fish. You will find some innovative local patterns along with tried and proven standard patterns. Guides affiliated with BHO are top professionals who chase game fish in both fresh and salt water. Our selection is a reflection of their many years of putting clients on various species of game fish.