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Hackle Wing Rusty Spinners

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Hackle Wing Rusty Spinners - offered in #8 to #18 - This is a Baxter House exclusive. I have been tying hackle wing spinners for about 30 years and this pattern is the final evolution of about 20 different variations.

This is our shops most popular fly and many anglers drive a long way to get them. This pattern works on every water type and in every light condition. Most poly spinners only work at dark.

We regularly take mature Delaware River trout at high noon and in full sun with these babies.

All of Baxter House fly patterns are top quality ties. You can expect our flies to be professionally tied and above the standards of the cheap imports that are being sold online everywhere. Many of our patterns are of our own design. Developed either by Ken Tutalo or the guides that work here. Most all of our Species Specific fly patterns are tied locally through our network of professional Fly Tyers.

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