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Capt. Ken's Custom Flies

3 Salt water Bait Fish, E P Bait fish, E P Style Minnow,

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E P Bait fish, E P Style Minnow, Saltwater Streamer Fly


This listing is for 3- (Three), E P Style Bait Fish / Salwater Minnow, Streamer Fly. These are super effective flies that appeal to all predator fish. We have these tied on saltwater hooks with mono weed guards because our guide staff uses them everywhere.

These are equally at home in fresh or salt water.

We have these tied with a synthetic material that does not absorb water. This material allows the fly to have a slow steady sink rate that can be reliably controlled. You can easily fish this fly from just below the surface to about 4 feet deep with floating line simply by varying your retrieve. This is a keeling fly which flashes, rolls and wobbles when stripped. This is an amazing fly specifically for hunting predators who use structure to ambush their prey.

I regularly have my clients firing this fly into the brush and sweeper trees along the Delaware River for trout. This fly also serves as my go to all winter long for skipping up under the mangroves when chasing snook and redfish.

These are size #2 Saltwater Streamer Flies, With Mono V weed guards -   and 2 different sizes  The total length of the fly is 4".