AG Caddis Cripple

Baxter House River Outfitters

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1 - AG Caddis Cripple - These are offered in 2 sizes #12 and #14 and in 5 colors - Brown, Apple, Tan, Gray, Black

This is a go to fly pattern at Baxter House. The AG Cripple was the brain child of my good friend Andy Gennaro. (AG) This fly has appeared in Fly Tyer Magazine and is well known by the regulars that fish with us. This is a true fish magnet that will work on every water type from the raging riffles to pools that are flat as a pane of glass.

We tie it in all of the major caddisfly colors and in every color pattern to imitate Mayflies as well. This is the first fly that our guides try on difficult surface eating trout.

All of Baxter House fly patterns are top quality ties. You can expect our flies to be professionally tied and above the standards of the cheap imports that are being sold online everywhere. Many of our patterns are of our own design. Developed either by Ken Tutalo or the guides that work here. Most all of our Species Specific fly patterns are tied locally through our network of professional Fly Tyers.

Sold in multiples of 3 per color and size.

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